Getting Started

Mac OS X or UNIX

$ gem install bundler
$ git clone git://
$ cd lokka
$ bundle install --without=production:<Databases which not use>

You can set in <Databases which not use>, mysql, postgresql, sqlite. For example, you can only use sqlite, following:

$ bundle install --without=production:postgresql:mysql
$ bundle exec rake db:setup
$ bundle exec rackup

Web server will start at localhost. Access to http://localhost:9292/ . Default username and password are test / test.


  1. Install RubyInstaller for Windows.
  2. Download, extract and execute.
  3. Access to http://localhost:9292/


Lokka is the best for Heroku.

$ gem install heroku bundler
$ git clone git://
$ cd lokka
$ heroku create mysite-by-lokka
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku run rake db:setup
$ heroku apps:open
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